16 years old dating 20 year old

Teenage relationships or love relationships when 16 are sweet but very sensitive as well. Strengthen the friendship – The first relationship for a 16 year old will be to be good friends with your date.

It is the first time you fall in love and you are confused with how to behave and what to do. Your love affair will depend on the basis of the friendship and the comfort level you share.

I know what some people are probably thinking, and I would've been the same six months or so ago.

But I've always found dating boys my own age frustrating, because they all seem to be a bit emotionally undeveloped and none of the boys I know really share my interests.

Instead of complicating the relationship with expectations, be open about your feelings for your partner.4.Teenage years are quite unstable with a lot of hormonal changes, family pressures and education worries.When in a relationship, you must make sure that you do not expect a lot in your relationship and keep it as simple as possible.If you really wish to be dating now then you ought to date someone much closer to your own age and if there isn't anyone around, then wait until you're 18. If he was forty and you were ten it would be legal (but that is horrible Im not condoning that! If you two do have sex he will be done for statory rape and im sure you dont want that for boyfriend so just dont be tempted and you two will be fine :) It is not illegal to date. Here, if one of the people is 18 or older and the other is at least 4 years younger, it is illegal to have sex.

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Meanwhile, just be friends with the 20 year old, but don't get involved with them for now.

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