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In short, it has been, in my view, a matter of geomorphologists not demonstrating relevancy of their studies to some their geological colleagues, with consequences being loss of faculty positions in many geology depts during the late 70's and 80's.But I really believed the situation has turned itself around. Mike Blum Associate Professor Department of Geosciences 214 Bessey Hall University of Nebraska - Lincoln Lincoln, NE 68588-0340 402-472-7872 (office phone) 402-472-4917 (office FAX) [email protected] Peter Ashmore I guess the response to your geology 'friends' depends on their image of what geomorphologists do.The current growth area for fluvial geomorphology is stream resoration where interaction with biologists, engineers etc. Earth surface processes are a major challenge for geophysics (in the broadest sense) - they cover all time scales and all spatial scales and they challenge our understanding of fluid flow, sediment movement, mechanics of materials - all in a context that is readily seen and observed by students - done right, a geomorphology course is great training for the earth science mind. I'm fed up with geologists who think that geomorphology is a breeze, can be picked up in a single course by any fool, and is largely irrelevant to the earth sciences - but don't actually know what geomorphology is!!!!If you wait a day or two I might get really worked up about it! How can someone be a geologist without a fairly advanced knowledge of geomorphology? It would be difficult to pass the professional registration exams without having studied geomorphology.In the end the resolution of such conflicts is as arbitrary as the way we divide up the sciences in general.Cheers, Ted from Jeffrey Kirtland I will begin with a question, where are these geomorph naysayers from, the UK?

Jim Springer from Ted Hickin I would suggest that you are confusing two issues.I can only say that for my department the "Geomorphology" course has always been in the "Geology" curriculum, very popular among geology undergrads, and strongly recommended by my colleagues on the geology faculty. If we are describers and categorisers of landforms, or recognisers of erosional discontinuities and surfaces they may have a point.But I would say at least the following: There is plenty of (and growing) employment in environmental geology that requires geomorphology background.AGI from Water Words Dictionary That branch of both physiography and geology that deals with the form of the earth, the general configuration of its surface, and the changes that take place in the evolution of land forms.The term usually applies to the origins and dynamic morphology (changing structure and form) of the earth's land surfaces, but it can also include the morphology of the sea floor and the analysis of extraterrestrial terrains.

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