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I sell colored hair dyes, that’s why I have 4 colors in my hair now.

People sell old clothes, things people make themselves, t-shirts from punk bands, that kind of thing.

Sometimes they act crazy to try to get my attention.

Because of the way I look, guys tend to see me as bold and they expect me to be really wild.

I’ve told her, if you care about me, you’ll accept me.

I bought something from his stall and he asked for my LINE information. But I liked him too so I didn’t care that he made up a story. No, we all know that we are there for work and we have to be professional. It’s a head camera used to make photos and videos of street racing, bikes, that sort of thing.

I’m not sure if they are trying to be funny but it’s just annoying. Are they practicing for when they get a real tattoo?

Haha, what I hate the most, and it happens regularly, is when people get henna and they make pained faces like they are actually getting a real tattoo and it hurts. They are usually in good shape and have good style and like the same kind of music as me. I met him at a practice space where my band was rehearsing. We weren’t in the same band, but I would see him coming and going and liked him. If he had someone else, I couldn’t be with him anymore. I work for a medical company doing translation from Thai to English.

Either traditional designs with brown ink or black ones that look like tattoos. No, I’ve had a boyfriend for six years, longer than I’ve been doing this job. I’ll just be at a bookstore or market and just go up to a girl and start talking to her.

The really brazen ones will ask for it on their hip or something and take down their pants a little bit. Once there was a guy that got a tattoo on his lower stomach and afterwards he wanted me to take a picture of him with the finished design. But when he handed me his phone to take the picture, he pulled his underwear down too and said, “Don’t get my dick in the picture though.” That was crazy. Did you ever date anybody you met through your work? Her mom, obviously, wants all that stuff for her too and her mom also wants a Thai guy for her and I’m not.

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