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All the walls in the school are painted the same color to save money on paint.

Sixth-graders work through long division problems on dry-erase desktops — instead of on sheets of paper, which cost money to replace.

After the performance, 18-year-old Allison Norris ran back across the court to the girls’ locker room, where empty Gatorade bottles, sweaty socks, cans of hair spray and makeup bags littered the floor.

She had the length of the boys’ basketball game to shower, curl her hair, apply makeup and slip into an evening gown before walking back onto the court as a candidate for homecoming queen.

Ed Rendell proposed cutting down on the amount of districts in his 2009-10 budget speech, Tallman said.

Their results showed no significant savings, he said."I think we need to do the study, particularly because it's a statewide study," Tallman said.

Kids watch out the window of a school bus as they wait to be driven home from Diagonal School in Diagonal on Friday, Jan. This day was the school's homecoming, and students had an early out following a pep rally and indoor parade of miniature floats. Diagonal High School girls basketball players prepare to perform the school fight song after their homecoming win against Morman Trail in Diagonal on Friday, Jan. Without enough students to form a football team, they celebrate homecoming at a doubleheader basketball game in January.

The school is too small to have a football team, so they celebrate during basketball season. Miller/The Gazette)Diagonal School (left of center) sits on top of a hill in Diagonal on Friday, Jan. Diagonal Community School District's certified enrollment is 97 students, making it the smallest school district in Iowa. Still sweating and catching their breath, members of the basketball team played the fight song for their own win.

However, the Legislature also increased the number of administrators and teachers with the 1997 passage of the state charter school law and the cyber charter school law a few years later. For example, in the 2000-01 school year, there were 1.8 million students, Department of Education records show.

Merging school districts could help taxpayers in counties where student populations are dropping, said Rep.

Kathy Rapp, R-Warren, whose district covers vast rural areas of northwest Pennsylvania."I know that there are pros and cons to consolidation but at the end of the day it is a savings to the taxpayers in the county and certainly when we're looking at declining populations and maybe other excessive expenditures, I think this a good idea," Rapp said.

The study found that "even under the most aggressive assumptions for administrative savings," there would be no real estate tax savings for the median homeowner.

In nine districts, homeowners making the median income would actually pay more in real estate and earned income taxes, the study said.

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The House Education Committee on Monday voted unanimously on a resolution calling for a study on the pros and cons of consolidating school districts. Vereb is looking for administrative savings by dissolving school district boundaries.

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