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On the episode “Flesh and Bone,” the Cylon model Leoben Conoy insists on his “humanity” despite Starbuck’s attempts to humiliate him.When Laura Roslin decides to throw Leoben out of the airlock, he tells Starbuck that he does not care about dying, but he fears his soul might not reach God.La química es más que notoria y nunca habíamos visto a Paty más sensual. El vídeo, un tanto inspirado en “Wicked Game” de Chris Isaak, fue dirigido por Isis Sarfati y promete acelerar el corazón de quien lo vea… (Compare Clarice’s appreciation for Zoe’s creation of a living avatar with Daniel’s desire to get his daughter back; Clarice sees apotheosis—a glorious future for humanity, while Daniel makes a selfish grab for his past.) Yet in Clarice’s view, the soul is static.(Another theological digression: does the soul evolve, or is its essence set?Esto quiere decir que durante esta década el intercambio de fotografías sexualmente explícitas llegó a ser más común de lo que la sociedad admite.Diane Winston_____________ Was anyone else surprised by Sister Clarice’s description of heaven and apotheosis?

began and ended with a not-so simple question: what makes us human?

hours on the USCIS site, which is supposed to be so eloquent. That's so important to have in plain sight everywhere on their pages!

"wiki How to do anything" is a life saver on this one--just try to find the address to send back forms filled out to INS and you'll know what hell it is to find it!

They are the accumulation of virtual flotsam and jetsam: medical records, test scores, cubit expenditures, holoband choices, and the Caprican equivalents of i Tunes, You Tube, podcasts, and other downloads that, taken together, differentiate my taste from yours.

Can Clarice really believe that the sum of this data equals a soul?

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And even if the code could become a “soul,” is it truly one with its flesh-and-blood progenitor?

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