Dating a married man in an open relationship

"At first it felt like a setup," James, 38, says of his wife's attempt to gauge his interest in pursuing sexual relationships with others.

"But it came up again, and I felt safe to answer honestly." After the Martins realized they were both down to explore this lifestyle, the pair decided to check out a swingers' club for married couples and single women who swap partners.

Oscar-winning actress Mo'Nique has been vocal in the past about how having additional sexual partners would not break up her union with her best friend and husband, Sidney Hicks.After a decade of marriage, the pair wanted to spice things up by swinging, only to see their relationship fall apart.After researching open marriages, North and her husband decided to swing with another couple that was also new to the lifestyle.The move seemed doomed to fail, especially since Toya wasn't granted a pass to do the same.The imbalance of power and the potential to damage a relationship irrevocably is exactly why Atlanta-based clinical psychologist Alduan Tartt cautions couples against seeking sexual fulfillment outside their relationship. "When it comes to monogamy and fidelity, it's really hard for an open marriage to work." According to Tartt, the problems arise when couples dive headfirst into sleeping with other people without thinking through the consequences.

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"It was the most God-awful experience of my life," James recalls.

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