Dating and emotionally unavailable men

I’ve been on both ends of this drama, and it isn’t pleasant for anyone involved. The more you understand love, the more you begin to see its different shades and colors.

Even the nicest, kindest man in the world can turn into a monster post-broken heart. You begin to see that you can love different people for different reasons.

Does he believe that he can love two people at the same time?

Because even if he actually can, that he can’t guarantees that he won’t. Just know that you’re likely getting on one hell of an emotional roller coaster. While we didn’t end up together, I still loved the ride.

Then, on the other end of the spectrum, there are guys who aren’t out there just to get into your pants. Guys are emotionally unavailable not because they have no emotions, but because the emotions they do have are reserved for another person. How long that will take, on the other hand, is uncertain.

They're genuinely interested in getting to know you. They haven’t yet let go of someone else and moved on with their lives. I don’t want to deter anyone from dating a guy who isn’t emotionally available at the moment.

There are so many ways things can and almost certainly will go wrong, so the chances of the two of you making it work aren’t good. Without it, even soulmates will miss their opportunity. And to be completely honest, while it brought me very close to the edge, I ended up a whole lot stronger and wiser for it.

What it means is that the chances of him screwing things up and hurting you are higher than average. He’s dealing with unpleasant thoughts and emotions that are still keeping him attached to his ex and the love they shared. It seems only plausible that such a guy would be more likely to cheat, to lie, to be egotistical and, from your perspective, heartless.We hadn’t even made it official and he was talking about breaking up. When I saw him on a dating site six weeks after the split (after him telling me earlier that he didn’t want to see other people; he just wasn’t ready for a relationship), I panicked.He told me he didn’t want to lose me, nor did he want his baggage to ruin what we had. This lasted for all of about twenty-four hours when he ended it. I confronted him about it and he took no accountability for ending things the way he did.Different people will react to a broken heart differently. To be completely honest with you, your chances aren’t good.Some will lash out at the world, punishing their livers and overall physical and mental health by partying and sleeping around, hoping to cover up the pain with debauchery. Others know that doing a bunch of bad doesn’t help you forget the bad that was done to you. The only issue is that they aren’t ready to find it. From my personal experiences, and from the experiences that friends and readers have shared with me, it would seem that people must be ready for love before they meet someone they can potentially love.

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