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6 which customers could interact with models on a video feed.22 was the main website for this business.23 The third business unit was the Penthouse entertainment business, which was located in New York and Los Angeles.24 This business consisted of broadcasting, publishing, licensing, and online paysites.25 It relied on professionally generated content, rather than the user-generated content hosted by the dating and cams businesses.26 The three business units shared operations, including executive management and assets, and shared legal, accounting, and technology departments.27 The technology department used the same data center, network provider, and staff for all three business units.28 2. ) MEMORANDUM OPINION Date Submitted: February 14, 2017 Date Decided: May 26, 2017 Robert W. The seller now sues, claiming nine of those domains still belong to seller and were wrongfully transferred as part of the transaction. In 2007, PMGI acquired Various, and afterwards the entire business was held by the newly created entity, Friend Finder.14 Prior to the transaction at issue, Friend Finder consisted of three business units: dating, cams, and entertainment.15 The dating business was located in Silicon Valley, California and comprised a “series of dating websites for various proclivities of individuals.”16 This included the dating website Friend, which catered to the mainstream population and offered online communities for various cultures, religions, and interest groups.17 12 Id. 12436-VCMR ) PENTHOUSE GLOBAL MEDIA, ) INC., ) ) Defendant. After the closing, the parties exchanged lists of domain names, and ultimately, the seller transferred and the buyer accepted over 1000 domain names. 4 transaction.12 Relani Belous is Penthouse’s General Counsel and served as Senior Counsel and Vice President of Friend Finder prior to the transaction.13 B. The businesses prior to the transaction Penthouse magazine was founded in 1965 by Bob Guccione and grew into a well-known brand worldwide. Using a Wayback Machine44 search, Palage found that from 2005 to 2011, the hornywife website was automatically redirected to 45 By November 2011, the registrant for the hornywife domain changed to Various, with a California address, and the name servers were switched from Penthouse servers to Various servers.46 became an Adult Friend Finder co-brand on September 14, 2011.47 Hornywife’s Splash Page lists Various as the copyright owner.48 In September 2011, Various’s accounting records reflected revenue from this domain for the first time, and since then, Various paid affiliates, incurred advertising costs, 43 JTX 334 ¶ 71-73. (“GMCI”), with a New York address.43 GMCI is a Penthouse-associated business.

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datingsilo com-63datingsilo com-1,—for a website’s IP address.29 Because of domain names, users do not have to remember the complex, numerical IP addresses of websites.30 Domain names are registered on “name servers,” which essentially act as telephone directories for website domain names.31 Name servers can be hosted by an individual or a third-party service.32 A registrar helps a person or entity register a domain name.33 Well-known registrars include Go Daddy, Network Solutions, and CSC.34 If the registrar finds that the domain name is available, it will collect information on the owner, known as a registrant.35 The registrar then stores the contact information of the registrant and makes certain information publicly available.36 This data is available through the Who Is service, 29 Id.

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