Laws on dating coworkers

Additionally, for the same reasons and because of the loss of employer flexibility and employee options, no employee may date another employee who is separated by more than one level in the chain of command.For example, the manager of the marketing department may not develop a romantic relationship with any employee who reports to the level of employee in the company who reports to him or his counterparts in other departments.

Yes, relationships can also go awry and result in friction and conflict at work. The key with a fraternization policy is to minimize the impact of the things that can go wrong on your workplace and maximize the powerfully positive aspects of employee relationships.

The company will then decide what, if any, actions are necessary to take in regard to assignments and jobs.

Under no circumstances may a manager date, become romantically involved with, or have sexual relations with a reporting employee.

And, managers should think long and hard about developing this kind of a relationship with a non-reporting employee because of the consequences noted above.

Employees who disregard this policy will receive disciplinary actions up to and including employment termination.

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Don't put a policy in place to control the behavior of a few employees whose behavior is out of line.

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