Modern finnish dating practices

Couples often get married after many years of life together (and sometimes just a few months before the divorce).

Therefore, no one in Norway will be surprised at the scene in the church when an adult son leads his mom to the altar.

But it was a difficult period for the bride: before the wedding she had to knit socks and mittens as a gift to all members of the groom’s relatives.

By the way, it was the only dowry that was given to the girl: the majority of Norwegian parents considered a beautiful and hard-working daughter the most expensive gift.

The traditional drink at Norwegian wedding is beer.

Extra chic if the beer was brewed by the bride a couple of weeks before the wedding, but it happened very rarely.

What do Norwegians shout, making the newlyweds kiss?

They make the newlyweds stand on a chair, so that everyone could see them.

At the end of the feast, “bride’s cheese” was served.The more she caught, the richer and happier the family life will be.Up to 300 people are usually gathered at the wedding party!Once the parties agreed on the engagement, it was immediately followed by a feast.By the way, the feast is often followed by a married life, the so-called engagement season.

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In the morning of the appointed day, the groom’s entourage drove up to the house of the bride.

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