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The investigating authority must inform your attorney of the date and place of your police interrogation in due course so that the attorney should have a real chance of being present during the interview. In urgent cases, the police could start questioning you immediately, but not before your attorney has been duly informed about it with reasonable time left for the attorney to arrive. If you do not speak Hungarian, an interpreter should be made available for every phase of the criminal process.If you are not a Hungarian citizen, you have the right to have your embassy or consulate informed of your arrest and a member of the embassy / consulate is entitled (but not required) to contact you, or be present during your hearing.(ii) Do I have a right to inform my family of the arrest?You should be informed of these rights before the police start to question you.In certain cases, you will be required by law to be assisted by an attorney at law.

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You have the right to contact a member of your family to inform them of your arrest within 24 hours.

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