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US,950,000 as the result of a lawsuit that the two companies had been involved in since 2008.

According to the counterclaim document, Upper Deck argued that it created a "Master Plan" for the series that "included characters, plots, storylines, and other elements necessary to make the television series conducive to the development of a card game," which Upper Deck wrote was for the target age group of 8- to 12-year-old children.

Aniplex claimed Upper Deck said it would pay Aniplex for a 30% stake in the series, television and home video distribution rights outside of Japan, merchandising rights, and for commercials and other sponsorship.

Aniplex claimed that Upper Deck paid Aniplex only part of the money owed.

The Anime Network is currently streaming the entire series.

In August of this year, the Dutch trading card company Upper Deck International filed a lawsuit against its own Upper Deck Co.

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