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His first foray out of acting and into writing and producing came when he successfully pitched a story idea for a show called "The Bellinis" to ABC Family."The Bellinis" wasn't picked up for series, but it got him into the Writer's Guild and opened the door for him to pitch other projects. Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew (season 1) 288.

Through a friend, he learned of a potential career in trading bonds and decided it was too good an opportunity to pass up."I never had a moment where I felt like my life was over.When I was deciding what to do next, my father said to me, 'Continue with your plan and go to California.' He gave me his credit card and told me to use it until it was all used up.Mike Di Maggio decided to go to Drexel to study engineering with the hopes of someday building rollercoasters."Drexel is and was one of the best east coast engineering schools so it was the most logical choice to go there," he said.

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"So, I traded bonds for about three years after graduation," he said.

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