Push pull method dating dating and physical chemistry

When you are trying to flirt with women, don’t kill the sexual tension by over pulling.

Most guys will say, “Just kidding” when the girl wasn’t even mad.

Save comments like “just kidding” for when you truly piss her off and even then, use it sparingly.

Also, don’t kill sexual tension by playfully pushing, but laughing at your own joke to early in an attempt to break the tension, hoping she will ‘be ok with it.’ Have some balls and be ok with creating some tension.

This tension is what makes the compliments “the pull” actually feel really good.

Any point in the above where I compliment her, smile, or physically escalate.The more she likes you and the more attracted she is, the harder you can push.This is how you build deep layers of attraction with women.We were discussing how Gates's financial problems are vastly different from the average person.Bill spends his days fretting over ways to either make more money or sustain the money he has, while most people concern themselves with making money in the first place. When it comes to succeeding with women, we realized, we live in a very different reality from most men.

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My friend and I watched a forty-something year-old distinguished looking business man play the big passive bottom to the verbal gang bang of two twenty-one year old looking, sponge-brained rhymes-with-witches.

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