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She came back afterwards and continues to impress fans, but she has become pickier about whom she works with and what she does on video.She told one interviewer that she is lucky to work with porn companies who put up with her pickiness and set her up with great costars.

Ava is a certified MILF and took some time off when she was pregnant.She has always had an affinity for the great outdoors and loves visiting national parks.As for her porn aspirations, she told herself she would quit porn when she turned 35, according to one interview, but she is now over 35 and she still loves her career, so it seems she will quit when she gets bored, but it’s awfully hard for a true slut like Ava Addams to ever getting bored of being fucked hardcore on demand!When you see Ava Addams cum, you can be sure it’s 100% genuine!Ava has a special relationship with her fans because she really adores them, and they love her.

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The one thing she doesn’t share with her fans is information about her personal relationships or her family, since she would rather keep those things private.

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