Russian scammers on dating sites

But at the same time she wrote me by e-mail she dont trust me anymore because I told her she had the profile of a pro-dater and also of reason I had left her in Egypt. She has sent me different e-mails where she keeps blame me for anything what went wrong and told me she is very ill.

My Natali was posted again on the web while I had a relation with her. The rest of the year 2011 I keep sent her money every time she asked me.I sent her the money because she makes me believe she was busy with her visa. Natali has been going out until 4 oclock in the morning. I had to make me very angry to them because I wanted not risk my live or health problems.This women cost me all together around 75.000,00 in 3,5 year.The pictures you see are coming from the dating sites and from our vacations. On my own pictures she looks very innocent but let me tell you she is a trickster and hustler.

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