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Admit it, we’re all obsessed with our phones, addicted to videos of chicken nugget bouquets, cat cafes and unicorn pizzas - which aren’t exactly tempting us to go home, unplug and eat a salad. From the ENTIRE Geordie Shore gang smashing the gym to Ed Sheeran deleting his Twitter account, tons of celebs are prioritising their physical and mental health.So what if you made like an A-lister and spent your summer holiday recharging your brain, instead of your i Phone?The trend of powerful people preying on minor girls is not confined to the north and east of the island country.Recently, a 13-year-old girl identified four men, including a local politician belonging to the ruling United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA), of gang raping her.Menaca Calyaneratne, director of advocacy at Save the Children’s Colombo office, warns about a new breed of abusers called the ‘professional perpetrator’ who are “professionals in their own fields but carefully choose an area to work that gives them unhindered access to children in order to abuse them.Fields such as education, sports, childcare organisations and children’s institutions harbor predators such as principals, teachers and sports coaches are known to abuse their positions, she said adding that about 90 percent of child abuse is perpetrated by someone known to the victim.Sumithra Fernando, director at Women in Need, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that works with battered women, says parents are often indifferent.

“Sri Lankan society has also become very violent and the situation is such that women and children have become very vulnerable,” Kottegoda told IPS. Siripala Hettige from Colombo University, an eminant sociologist, has a different perspective and links child abuse to young people steadily migrating from the villages to Colombo and other urban centres.By Feizal Samath – A spate of child rape cases in Sri Lanka has angered child rights activists and moved the government to consider tightening the relevant laws and making the offence punishable with the death sentence.A government statement released in parliament in May said that of the 1,450 female rape cases reported in 2011, child rape accounted for 1,169, alerting authorities and activists to a rising trend.“But I think there are many runaways (under-age couples eloping) cases and sex with consent which appear in the first complaint (to the police) as suspected rape and provide somewhat misleading data,” he told IPS.Under Sri Lankan laws, those under 16 years are defined as minors and sex with a minor is considered rape, with or without consent.

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