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With that in mind, it might serve to slow you down a bit, putting the emphasis on simply going out and having fun rather than jumping right into the next serious relationship.

It becomes about the dating itself rather than the endgame, and can be an opportunity to grow and learn about yourself so that dating becomes a different kind of experience, instead of wanting to just jump in to a new start with both feet right away.

Therefore a white male is less likely to want to procreate with a black woman than a white woman, or even an asian woman of whiter skin (aka. Said relationships, with the advent of cultural icons such as John and Kate plus 8, with their multiple twins, along with the increase of white couples adopting asian babies, have encased white man/asian woman relationships and their offspring in a sort of " that chinese baby is cute" factor. White skin is attractive from a cultural valuation perspective. The friends were polite but cold and it made it difficult to get together with couples because most of the friends of the black or white person is of the same race.

In general however, they are still evaluated socially in a de facto caste system where the whiter your kids are the better off they will be, which is socially GENERICALLY true. If you were caucassian and lived for an extended period of time in Japan you'd come to consider certain features of local Asian women as attractive, not because all of the sudden it became so, but because we adapt our hard-wiring to the cultural and social valuations of those around us to our own condition in the hopes that our offspring will succeed. Well coming from a black woman this is what "I" think-and observe. I do think this is changing since there are more black women in/graduating from college and going on to professional careers.

Though some worry it will be a negative, it can in fact be a positive.

Tyra has succeeded in all other aspects of her life, it is likely she will do the same when it comes to matters of the heart.

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I think that white men don't know how to approach women of color or maybe they too fear the reaction of their own friends and family...

The younger generation (after gen X) seem to be dating across the board, so I do think attitudes are changing.

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If you do find yourself in this situation it is likely that you are eager to move beyond the heartache and fall in love again.

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