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- Say you don't like the works of Chuck Palahniuk or Charles Bukowski.- Tell them their cynical insights into the human psyche are pathetic.Teens are responsible for a plurality of automobile accidents, angst, and lame music; except for a couple noteworthy individuals.

Trolling the trolls: - Suggest that the reality is that everyone hates them, and not the other way around.

Some sticklers will always be more concerned about details like procedure and caution, and these people just get in the way when a psychopath is about to revolutionize things!

As with relationships, the subordinates to a psychopathic leader may sense their personal inadequacies for the first time.

They can see neither the big picture nor the subliminal messages. At school, the superior intelligence of the psychopathic child is easily bored because the teacher focuses his or her efforts on mere mortals.

This child may act up, earning him nothing but punishment.

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