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The next time you hop in, it's a simple matter of a single click to accept the data and slap it straight into i Drive's nav system. It's becoming more widely available from a number of different car manufacturers. But it's still better than your typical built-in Points of Interest database.

It's a really useful feature and enables, for instance, phoning back to the office and asking a co-worker or assistant to fire over new destinations or routes on the move. It's no secret that BMW has shacked up pretty cosily with Apple when it comes to smartphone support.

But to give you a couple of examples, the entry BMW Business navigation system with i Drive on a new 320d is yours for £1,550, over which you'll need to pay extra for certain features such as enhanced Bluetooth and internet access.

On a 640i coupé, by contrast, most i Drive features come as standard. It's big on clarity and intuitiveness, that's what.

Fortunately, BMW recently introduced RTTI or Real-Time Traffic Information.

The shizzle here is a combination of traditional TMC data with newfangled traffic data based on mobile phone movements, just like Tom Tom HD Traffic.

i Drive arguably has the slickest and clearest interface of any of the major in-car interfaces, with its closest competition coming from Audi's MMI.

Large, high quality and high resolution LCD screens are also typically part of the i Drive mix, though screen sizes vary from model to model.

As for input methods, i Drive sticks with its tried and tested wheel-input, augmented by a range of shortcut keys for quick-jumping through the interface, along with voice input for hands-free control.

At its heart, i Drive is a classic, does-everything in-car infotainment system.

It's a proprietary platform engineered in-house at BMW and includes all of the traditional in-car features, along with a number of more innovative "connected" capabilities.

This is it, the daddy, the in-car infotainment system that really got things started. Early versions of BMW i Drive came in for some serious flack.

And it's true BMW may have taken a leaf too many from Apple's guide to interface simplification.

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