Updating rear end in 1937 chevy truck Free meeting sexsite

Call Chassis Engineering for rear springs, engine mounts, trans mount, and anything else you need for this conversion.

I ran a 250 with a 700R4 and a rear and the six didn’t like the overdrive with a torque converter lockout, but if you run a 350 and even rear the six will like that, it runs the best between 2100 to 2500 rpm’s, best mileage etc.. Just in case you’re curious, power loss for various auto transmissions: Powerglide 18 hp TH350 36 hp TH400 44 hp Ford C6 55-60 hp Ford C4 28 hp Chrysler A904 25 hp Chrysler 727 45 hp Can you spare 36 HP!

Other variants will locate the shifter in the bench seat.

This will require some slipping the clutch at takeoff but works good for me. After, or preferably before you purchase, it’s good to take a peak inside before you install.

However, it will not give you a great launch if you want to do stoplight competition. To me, this seems to be in-between the two and a compromise but I have heard some say they like it with a 3.73 rear. You can’t just pop a cover off to inspect these, you must pull off the tail shaft housing and shifter to get the top cover off.

I am excited about it because the person that owns the Nova has put a 350 in it and I’m hopping that everything will fit.

It just seems the easiest way to go if it will work… I clipped mine with Jaguar IFS, real easy and I have it so it bolts to the original frame.

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