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But vampires have never been as hot as they are now—in a steamy, let's-step-in-the-shower-together way.) In a new Gillette billboard that ties into True Blood, a vampire hunk caresses his cleanly shaven face next to the phrase "Dead Sexy." In another ad, for Marc Ecko cologne, a male vampire nibbles at a naked woman's neck with the line "Attract a Human." As if they needed any help.And after wading through 3,700 comments, Lowery has noted at least one theme that keeps popping up: "Even if a vampire is your lover and gentle and kind, he still has the power to rip someone's leg off," she says."Sometimes I think women just want to be protected, and that's not so bad."That may have something to do with all the adolescent angst we still have bottled up. It's all about the classic, tormented relationship, the otherness," says Dr."But I understood that it was really going to be hard to see Bill as an attractive character after Sookie tallied six figures or something."But it's that potential for death that gives vampires a lot of their sexual edge."It's kind of like autoerotic asphyxia, except that's real," says Katherine Ramsland, professor of psychology at De Sales University.What's so bad about being powerful, almost immortal, always in control, and incredibly desirable?"Very little, as contemporary writers of vampire fiction can attest.

But there's something about the modern-day vampire that's even more alluring than any of these. The notion that a group like the vampire is feared and misunderstood, that they're outsiders, it's really very interesting." The hypersexuality, coupled with the potential for danger, makes some of the most unlikely women yearn for the vampire embrace."I think a lot of women wouldn't mind someone else taking control of things for a while," says Melissa Lowery, 34, editor and co-owner of popular fan site In the last 30 days, the site has had more than 140,000 unique visitors."There were so many women who wanted to lose control.And I thought women had come a little further than that."If message boards, chat rooms, and fan clubs are any indication, the whole seduction, lose-control routine is a huge part of the fantasy.

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"In terms of fantasy, the vampire mystique is 90 percent sexual. Because if it goes wrong, you're gone." For her book, Ramsland spent several years researching the rabid vampire fan, those folks who actually act out the Dracula fantasy.

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