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Probably the oddest part has been Bomer having to spend half the year in NYC filming "White Collar" (while the kids stayed home in L. with Simon and, presumably, a nanny or two), but that's over now.R20 = insane "Bag of Oranges" loonme = DLer, here since '99, gay male, not a "fangurl," and sick & fucking tired of the endless array of unmedicated, mentally ill DLer obsessions with certain gay celebrities (Bomer and Anderson Cooper topping the list, along with Kristen Stewart/Rob Pattinson - thankfully the Jake Gyllenhaal crazies have at least moved on)No, I am Simon Halls's Bag of Oranges.The entire basis is that you think one of these kids favor Bomer? Many wealthy gay couples have IVF where they create twins using the genetic material from each of the fathers and the eggs of a single donor, in effect creating half-brothers.Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka for one, and there was a case recently where celebrity wedding planner David Tutera divorced his husband and each took his own "twin" in the separation.[quote]Bomer fathered one or more of them, regardless of how "obvious" it seems to certain fixated posters. I never even saw him in anything until Normal Heart. I looked at photos of the kids and two have Simon's face and one has Bomer's eyes and be fair I'd say the older son definitely looks like Hall and so does the one twin. These trolls write so much shit about Matt Bomer, it's amazing.You can see them referenced in this Just Us Boys thread.Bomer was "outed" by Perez Hilton the weekend after White Collar premiered, probably on Halls's orders, because they've been cosy every since.

His performance in The Normal Heart is EMMY/Golden Globe worthy. I ask this because Simon has always taken the leading role in that relationship, but now with Matt's fame things may change."Matt's growing fame".It would make sense to me, that, outside of maybe a very small circle of friends, everyone else was told they were all Simon's children.[quote]So the fan theory is that one of the twins is Simon's and one is Matt's? The only place this shit is talked about is here, where the same tiresome "theory" is posted over and over by one or two trolls. Anyone who bases any part of their opinion of Bomer on the vile crap (based on nothing but mental illness) posted here is an idiot.It's also not "gossip", per se, as it's not based on even a kernel of actual fact; it's pure fantasy created from the mind of someone with obvious mental health issues.[quote]These trolls write so much shit about Matt Bomer, it's amazing.And why did you feel the need to post about someone whom clearly have no interest in discussing?The pictures of him kissing Mike White had been online since at least 2007 but probably much earlier.

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